Indoor Studio

Indoor Golf Simulator

Our Indoor Studio at Horne Park Golf boasts industry-leading equipment, technology and the experienced, knowledgeable team from MY Golf Academy. Powered by TruGolf and TrackMan Technology, our on site indoor simulator at Horne Park delivers a unique golf experience through a high-speed camera system and stunning photo-realistic graphics.


  • Play: Choose from some of the world’s most exclusive courses to play, including Pinehurst, Torrey Pines and Gleneagles.
  • Practice: Gain insight into your game with accurate ball and club data from every shot.
  • Coaching: Ideal for individuals or small groups who’d like to improve their golf with the help of a member of our coaching team.
  • Team Building: The ideal activity to bring staff and customers together for an unforgettable experience.
  • Weather Proof: It’s always the perfect weather for indoor golf!

PLEASE NOTE – The indoor studio is currently unavailable to hire for individual usage due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. It is still available for lessons with one of the MY Golf Academy coaching team. Please email us via for any further information.




TrackMan Technology

TrackMan Launch Monitor provides a platform that can significantly improve your golf game. TrackMan is the choice of the PGA Tour players, coaches and manufacturers, offering instant feedback on on swing mechanics and ball flight. The data that is captured by this technology provides invaluable insight into your game.

Here are just a few ways in which TrackMan will change your game for the better:


  1. From swing analytics to benchmarking tools – the best golfers trust TrackMan to improve their game. Major champions such as Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Phil Mickleson, Jason Dufner and Rory McIlroy use Trackman.
  2. TrackMan captures data that is impossible to see with the naked eye, even for the greatest coaches in the game.
  3. Clear and concise data captured by TrackMan is then thoroughly interpreted by a fully-trained PGA coach. This will enable you to understand why changes are being made and how they can benefit your game.
  4. All statistics and data taken during your lesson will be available to you at home with MyTrackMan. This means that you can continue to benefit and learn from your lesson and track your progress even when you are not working with your coach.
  5. Game improvement applications such as TrackMan Combine keep golfers in a competitive mind frame – while having fun on the practice range. TrackMan Combine is a standardised 60 shot test that identifies strengths and weaknesses and enables you to compare your performance to other peer groups.




Putting Studio

The MY Golf Academy putting studio is at the forefront of putting coaching and putter customisation in the UK. Since opening in March 2010, they have stayed ‘ahead of the game’ by continuously developing and improving the services available to customers.


Putting Assessment

Make the most of what the studio has to offer with a comprehensive putting assessment with Paul Williams, MY Golf Academy’s dedicated putting and short game coach. During your session, your current performance is measured from a technical and mindset standpoint. This allows you to gain insight into why your success on the greens may be limited and how it can be significantly improved. You will leave the session with your model set up, your putter customised to your requirements and a solid foundation from which your putting skills can be developed.

Full Assessment

60 mins – £65.00


  • Discuss Performance and Concepts
  • Measure Current Putter Spec
  • SAM PuttLab & Quintic Ball Roll Analysis
  • Posture and Movement Analysis
  • Full Diagnosis and Development Plan
  • Full email write-up; data, pictures & videos


Putter Customisation

Whether you are new to golf and looking to purchase your first putter or you are an established golfer keen to find out if your putter is performing as best it can, a visit to the studio is a must if you want to perform to your full potential.

Our fitting process will ensure your putter is set up to give you the best ball roll possible with a full customisation of length, loft, lie, grip size and weight. If you are in the market for a new putter we have in stock all the latest models from Odyssey, Ping and TaylorMade and at market leading prices.

Custom Fit New Putter

60mins – £65.00


  • SAM PuttLab & Quintic Ball Roll Analysis
  • Measure for Shaft Length & Lie Angle
  • Test Putter Head Type
  • Fit For Optimum Loft
  • Grip Sizing
  • Putter Weight and Balance
  • Leave with your new Putter on the day!

Book your comprehensive putting assessment or custom fit experience by calling Paul Williams direct on 07515 128228 or emailing